Can I Remount my Type III Box onto a Type I Chassis?

Unfortunately, we will not remount a Type III onto a Type I because Osage, as well as all other reputable ambulance manufacturers, build boxes to fit onto specific chassis. During the initial build, the chassis and box become a one-piece completed unit. They are then tested this way to meet Federal and State regulation, FMVSS and KKK, etc. Therefore, to switch out the box with a different chassis would leave one open to combinations that have not been tested and/or proven to have the best safety and serviceability in mind. We want to give our customers the most flexibility and options when it comes to ambulance remounts, but we also don’t want to risk anyone’s safety!

Furthermore, the boxes have different cab to axle lengths, wheel tub sizes, inner wheel tub widths, interior widths, floor construction and box skirt heights.  Trying to make these changes to match up are not cost effective, and you would end up with a morphydite non-tested, non-certified unit. Not good!