How to Choose a Custom Ambulance Manufacturer

When it comes time to purchase a new ambulance, choosing the right builder is one of the most important steps. Whether it’s your first build or you’re looking for a new custom ambulance manufacturer, you want to go with a company that fits your needs.

We recommend working with your dealer to find a company that can give you what you require in these areas: Communication, Budget, Options, and Quality Control.



1. Find the Right Dealer

Dealers are an essential part of the ambulance buying process. Take your time to find one you trust, who is quick to respond. Look for dealers who make a point to understand your needs. Someone who pushes products outside your scope of work might not have your team’s best interest in mind.

Osage works with a trusted dealer network that serves customers nationwide. These dealers are independently owned and often offer lines from multiple ambulance builders.

Find A Dealer


2. Find the Right Builder

Once you have your dealer, work together to identify an ambulance manufacturer who shares the same values. Even the most attentive dealer won’t be able to get you answers or updates if the builder is unresponsive. Your dealer will have a good idea of how each manufacturer communicates, but you should also feel free to give each of your considerations a call.

Pay attention to the call experience and ask questions about how each manufacturer handles communication throughout the build process. Remember to choose a company that fits your preferred avenue, frequency, and timeliness of communication.



All custom ambulance manufacturers are not created equal. Before moving forward with your purchase, ensure you can actually get the work you want. Some companies follow an assembly line process. This can be a good choice if you’re looking for a standard ambulance without many modifications or unique features.

For more personalized and creative layouts and designs, you want a company who can accommodate your requests. Ask your dealer for examples of builds from each manufacturer that are similar to your desired design. This will give you a good idea of what each builder is capable of.

Most manufacturers also have a section on their website that showcases their recent deliveries. Find ours on the Deliveries page.



It does no good to explore options outside your price range. Even with the best communication and widest array of options, a manufacturer who can’t work within your budget is probably not the manufacturer for you.

This is why the quote is so important. Work with your dealer to set realistic expectations for budget and design, and try to find a builder that checks both boxes. Then, ask your manufacturer for a comprehensive estimate.

A few questions to ask your builder during the quoting process:

  • Historically, how close is the estimate to the final cost?
  • What do you find drives cost up after the estimate?
  • The estimate is a little higher than our department can manage. Do you have any suggestions for bringing down the price without compromising the vision?

A manufacturer who respects your budget will be transparent about pricing and do their best to offer creative solutions that keep costs in a manageable range – while maintaining the integrity of the design.



While confirming the quality of materials is a given, it’s easy to overlook quality control. When screening for your ideal custom ambulance manufacturer, ask…

  • What is your inspection process?
  • How do you ensure a safe and reliable end product?
  • What happens if I find an issue at or after delivery?
  • How do manufacturing issues or defects affect timeline and cost?

The highest quality materials can fail if assembled incorrectly and delivered unnoticed. Ensure your custom ambulance manufacturer has a many-point system for preventing, catching, and correcting problems before your truck even hits the road.



Regardless of where you are in your new ambulance journey, we are here to help! Explore our site or give us a call at (888) 971-6770. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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