Osage Type I Ambulances

Type I ambulances are built off of the frame of light duty pickup trucks, such as Ford F-450s and the Dodge 4500 chassis. Type 1 ambulances are available in different power trains including four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive. Many of the different features that come on a new Type I ambulance will be the same regardless of the chassis that it is built upon, as they are added onto it.

Osage Ambulances offer two different kinds of Type I ambulances, including the Warrior Ambulance and the Super Warrior Ambuance.

All type I ambulances from Osage feature seamless body construction, and seats for an EMT, as well as a CPR seat. They also include a squad bench and pass through windows in between the cab and the back compartment. They also include dual IV hangers and locking containers for sharps and drugs.

 Type I ambulances are a great option for those looking for a standard emergency response ambulance. Osage Type 1 ambulances are built with great care to meet high quality specifications. They can also be built to meet the specific needs of customers.

Osage Warranty

  • Three Year / 36,000 Mile Product Conversion
  • Five-Year / 100,000 Mile (Non Pro-rated) Modular Paint
  • Six Year / 72,000 Mile Electrical System
  • Lifetime Modular Body Structure