We deliver many different types and configurations of ambulances all across the country every week.
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Mission Statement

Our company wide commitment is to make the best use of all of our resources to produce the best value custom ambulances in a customer driven market.

Osage Warranty

  • Three Year / 36,000 Mile Product Conversion
  • Five-Year / 100,000 Mile (Non Pro-rated) Modular Paint
  • Six Year / 72,000 Mile Electrical System
  • Lifetime Modular Body Structure

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A Quality and Affordable Ambulance for Sale by Osage Ambulances

At Osage Ambulances, we offer a variety of new ambulances models for sale and strive to build the best products possible and offer them at fair prices. We have a company commitment to making the best use of the resources that we have in order to produce a high quality ambulance in new ways.

We work hard to keep our most talented employees with us, because we believe that consistency breeds quality. Nearly two-thirds of our team has more than 10 years of experience with us, while almost half has more than 15 years. As a result, we’re continuing to put out an ambulance for sale that beat the competition. When we work on an ambulance, new or old, the quality of our work is always tremendous.

We have many repeat customers, with approximately four out of every five customers returning to give us more business in the future. That can only be achieved by building a high quality ambulance for sale. That’s what Osage Ambulances has been doing for nearly 30 years. There’s no other way to keep so many people coming back to buy an ambulance if new needs arise.

In addition to our Type I, Type II and Type III ambulance models, we can build custom trucks to suit your exact needs.

Different Types of Osage Ambulances

Type I Ambulances: Our Type I ambulances have a seamless body construction, an exterior compartment and curbside backboard storage. They offer an EMT seat and a CPR seat, as well as a squad bench.

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Type II Ambulances: Type II ambulances are a fuel efficient, economic option that continue to grow in popularity.  While they have less overall storage capacity, the Type II offers the design capability to setup an ambulance to fit your service’s needs.

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Type III Ambulances: Our Type III ambulances are constructed with an entirely seamless body, which has structural and design benefits that match with our desire to build high quality new ambulances. We offer top of the line Type III ambulances that can handle the toughest conditions.

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 Whichever type of ambulance you need, Osage Ambulances can make it to suit your needs and provide a high quality product.