Super Warrior

Osage Type I Super Warrior Ambulance

The Super Warrior Type I ambulance is the largest Type I ambulance available from Osage Industries. Featuring a module body of 168 inches in length and 96 inches wide, this is the Type I ambulance for you if you need durability and maximum work space. Available on a multitude of chassis frames, including the Ford F-450, Dodge Ram 4500, International, and Freightliner this Type I ambulance is flexible to fit your department’s every need.

All Super Warrior Type I ambulances have a seamless body construction where the module is built separately from the chassis and then dropped on top of it. This allows for superiority and consistency in craftsmanship, which is part of why Osage has so many repeat customers. Super Warrior models also have an EMT seat and a CPR seat, as well as a squad bench. The window between the cab and the patient compartment is a pass-thru, and there are locking compartments and containers for drugs and sharp medical tools. Boasting a GVWR of 16,000 lbs, this Type I ambulance will set the stage for your most intense emergency calls.

4×4 Options for the Super Warrior Type I Ambulance

If you’re located in an area with rough terrain, the Ram 4500 chassis and the Ford F-450 chassis option for the Super Warrior is available in 4×4.
Learn more about our 4×4 ambulances here.

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