About Osage

Mission Statement

Our company wide commitment is to make the best use of all of our resources to produce the best value custom ambulances in a customer driven market.

About Osage Industries

Osage Ambulances has been in business since 1983, when we started the company by building personal-use conversion vans. We expanded into the custom ambulance business in 1985 by building Type II ambulances. That was the start of a lot of growth, as we made high quality custom ambulances. From there, we continued to expand into other types of ambulances. Seven years later, in 1992, we were making modular ambulances.

Since 1992, we have been in the same location, kept the same company name and worked with the same core group of managers to continue to provide our customers with a great custom ambulance. Our new ambulances always have state of the art features and technology.

We have a facility that is more than 70,000 square feet in size, which gives us the capability to produce around 240 custom ambulances per year. While we handle our business like a family, we do have a lot of employees. At Osage Ambulances, we are proud to employ over 100 mid-Missourians. Our business is located in Osage County, Missouri, an area that was once home to the Osage Indians. The location is about 100 miles outside of St. Louis, to the west.

One thing that we place a great priority on at Osage is maintaining an experienced work force. In order to keep people on the job for a long time, we have to make sure that we compensate them fairly and treat them with a great deal of respect. We set out to do that in order to keep people excited about coming to work each day. About one in every three workers at Osage Ambulances has been with the company for more than 15 years.

That is rare to find in this day and age. However, we are proud to say that our team is dedicated to the work of building life-saving equipment every single day. As a result, values like honesty and transparency are absolutely important to us. We would rather be honest and lose a little bit of business than to be dishonest about anything.

We also work with an extremely experienced number of dealers around the country. Some of those dealers have even been with Osage for more than 20 years. It is commitment like this that makes it easy to deal with all of customers around the country. Knowing we have a strong backbone of knowledgeable and loyal dealers makes it easy to trust that our customers are getting the quality ambulances they deserve.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority at all times and we hope you give us the chance to prove it to you.