Type II

Osage Type II Ambulances

Type II ambulances have a long wheelbase and are based around an integral cab design. They are smaller in weight than Type I ambulances, meaning they get better fuel mileage. Differing from Type I ambulances, which have an entirely new compartment dropped onto the chassis, Type II ambulances use the same frame of the vehicle. Typically these are built on a high-top van, but are available on mid-roof vans as well.  While the smaller size also limits the on-board capabilities of a Type II ambulance, these ambulances can be operated at a lower cost while still meeting all of the necessary needs of an transport.

Osage Ambulances produces one Type II ambulance, the Travois, which is available on two different chassis types: The Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter.

Type II ambulances are ideal for those looking for an ambulance that is more likely to be used for transportation than emergency response, due to the improved fuel mileage and reduced operation costs.  That said, complete customization is available on Type II’s, similar to Osage’s Type I & III’s.

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Osage Warranty

  • Three Year / 36,000 Mile Product Conversion
  • Five-Year / 100,000 Mile (Non Pro-rated) Modular Paint
  • Six Year / 72,000 Mile Electrical System
  • Lifetime Modular Body Structure

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