Osage Type III Warrior Ambulance

The Warrior Type III ambulance from Osage Ambulances is offered on two different chassis. Customers can opt for a Ford E-350 or a Chevrolet G-3500. Each one comes with a number of complimentary standard features. The Warrior Type III ambulances start at 148 inches in length & include full customization options as other Osage models.

In addition to the more traditional Type III, Osage offers a “mini-mod” Type III on a Mercedes 350 chassis.  This ambulance is a full welded module on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.  Please inquire for further details.

All Type III ambulances from Osage Ambulances have a seamless body construction, as well as one-piece panels for the sides and roof. Add onto that a thermostatically controlled heating and cooling system for the patient compartment and return air filtration. They also include locking containers for sharps, as well as a locking drug compartment. Check out more specifications below on the two different chassis options for the Warrior Type III ambulance.

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Standard Osage Type III Warrior Specifications

Ford E-350Chevy G-3500Mercedes Sprinter 3500
Wheel Base (w/ Dual Rear Wheel)138"139"144"
GVWR11,500 lbs12,300 lbs 11.030 lbs
Engine7.3 L EFI V8 Gas6.0 L Vortec Gas V-8 w/ Block Heater6-Cyl Turbo Direct Injection Diesel Engine
Transmission6-Speed w/Automatic Overdrive6-Speed w/Automatic Overdrive7-Speed Electronic Transmission w/ Overdrive
Drive Type4x24x24x2
Module Dimension148" L x 83" H x 94" W148" L x 83" H x 96" W144" L x 89.5" H x 86" W
Interior Head Room68"68"66"
Aisle Width49"49"46"
Standard DrawingsDownloadDownloadDownload
Standard FeaturesDownloadDownloadDownload
*For additional chassis options and engine specifications, please contact your dealer

Warrior Type III Features and Benefits

Warrior Type III ambulances are mid-sized Type III ambulances, which are suitable for most standard ambulance uses. They offer a good blend between size and cost-efficiency.

  • Totally “seamless” body construction
  • Exterior side and roof panel .125″ aluminum
  • One-piece exterior side panels and one-piece crowned roof
  • Diamond plate shields across lower rear and front of body and lower 1/3 of entry doors
  • All exterior doors “pan-formed” / extruded double break construction
  • Cast “grabber” door holders
  • Squad bench and EMT seat
  • ALS compartment with in/out access
  • Adjustable and fixed shelves in ALS
  • Thermostatically controlled patient compartment heat and cool system
  • Return air filtration
  • Two recessed, swing-up Dual IV hangers
  • “Zico” retaining bracket for Oxygen “M” cylinder and three “Ohio” oxygen outlets
  • SSCOR suction system
  • Locking Sharps container
  • Locking drug compartment
  • Stryker “Performance Load” Cot Fastener

Osage Warranty

  • Three Year / 36,000 Mile Product Conversion
  • Five-Year / 100,000 Mile (Non Pro-rated) Modular Paint
  • Six Year / 72,000 Mile Electrical System
  • Lifetime Modular Body Structure

NOTE: Click here for our Warranty Information page