Ambulance Remounts FAQs

Ambulance Remount FAQs

When a full comparison is made, ambulance remounts can save a lot of money as opposed to buying a new ambulance all together, so looking into remounting as an option is definitely a smart idea. We get lots of questions about our popular ambulance remount service, so we’ve provided some of the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience. If you still have questions or would like to discuss your particular remount project, give us a call at 888-977-9810 and ask for our Remount Manager!

While it isn’t a guarantee, we do take in on trade boxes from time to time.  It’s definitely worth asking about, especially if your current box is a brand that you may not be happy with but only have funds for Remounting. Give us a call at 888-977-9810 and ask for our Remount Manager.

Always check with your State Regulations to see if you are required to upgrade your Cot Mount System; all States have different regulations. That said, Osage is willing and able to provide all forms of cot mount setups, including power loading systems.

The Osage process on an ambulance remount will take around 90 days.  Osage also has a Loaner Ambulance available, if needed, to fill in during this process. Learn more by contacting your local dealer (dealer map here) or calling us at 888-977-9810 and ask for our Remount Manager!

Osage boxes have a Lifetime Structure Warranty if it’s remounted at Osage.  That means it’s built to last several Remounted Chassis updates!  You can rest assured that your box will hold up while saving you a considerable amount of money compared to buying a brand new truck.

Unfortunately, we will not remount a Type III onto a Type I because Osage, as well as all other reputable ambulance manufacturers, build boxes to fit onto specific chassis. During the initial build, the chassis and box become a one-piece completed unit. They are then tested this way to meet Federal and State regulation, FMVSS and KKK, etc. Therefore, to switch out the box with a different chassis would leave one open to combinations that have not been tested and/or proven to have the best safety and serviceability in mind. We want to give our customers the most flexibility and options when it comes to ambulance remounts, but we also don’t want to risk anyone’s safety!

Furthermore, the boxes have different cab to axle lengths, wheel tub sizes, inner wheel tub widths, interior widths, floor construction and box skirt heights.  Trying to make these changes to match up are not cost effective, and you would end up with a morphydite non-tested, non-certified unit. Not good!

Osage categorizes their boxes as Type I, Type III or Medium Duty.  Your choices for an ambulance remount are as follows:

Type I

  • Ford F-Series (Pickup Style Cab)
  • Dodge Ram (Pickup Style Cab)

           Type III

  • Ford E-Series (Van Style Cab
  • Chevy G-Series (Van Style Cab)

            Medium Duty

  • Freightliner
  • International

We can definitely make construction changes during the remount process. The thing to consider, though, is if the changes are cost-effective or not. Osage can make changes to the interior at a very affordable cost, but making exterior compartment changes gets expensive and is usually not cost-effective. At some point, making too many upgrades and changes can get to a point where you will be better off ordering a new truck. We are happy to discuss your specific situation and give our best recommendation! Give us a call at 888-977-9810 and ask for our Remount Manager.

The number one question you should ask yourself if you are considering an ambulance remount is if you are happy with the box configuration itself. If your department is currently unhappy with the setup of the box and wants to make elaborate changes, it will probably be more cost effective to order a new truck. See our Making Changes to Construction question below for further details.

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Ours was a remount. I would expect to see the outside of the unit look as good as it did but I was blown away with what was done on the inside. The upgrade to the electrical system, especially where the external fuse boxes are placed, is permanent. Thanks for including that. It appears the battery cut off switch is solid state and that is a huge addition as well. Very pleased with this unit.

John Hinkel, Lifestar EMS, Centralia, IL

Extra Benefits for Ambulance Remounts of Osage Ambulances!

If you are lucky enough to have an Osage model to start with, the remount will extend the lifetime structural warranty of the vehicle. Work performed will come with a three-year warranty worth up to 36,000 miles. It even includes a warranty on other issues such as paint and corrosion.

Also, as a past Osage customer, we have a complete file history of your vehicle of your Osage ambulance. That means that we can tap into your work history for details on parts and labor.

Here at Osage, we benefit from our own history, which includes more than 20 years of business across several makes and models. That comes in extremely handy when performing remounts, as we have seen all different structures and chassis setups.

We have a strong network of independent ambulance dealers as well, and each dealer offers local service and local representation. This can make the remount process a lot more convenient for you, depending upon your exact location. We can also offer an on-site visit in order to accurately estimate the cost of the project.

With that level of experience, attention to detail and quality, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Osage for their remounts.