Type III

Osage Type III Ambulances

A Type III ambulance, much like a Type I ambulance, has a separate square patient compartment that is mounted onto an existing chassis. As a result, a lot of people wonder what exactly the difference is between the two types of ambulances. The difference lies in what types of chassis are used. A Type III ambulance is mounted on the cut-a-way chassis of a van. By contrast, Type I ambulances utilize a truck chassis.

Otherwise, there are a lot of similarities between the two types. Osage Ambulances offers two different models of Type III ambulances, which parallels the Type I offerings. The Warrior Type III ambulance and Super Warrior Type III ambulance are all available. Both of them are built with a completely seamless body construction. The patient compartment is built separately and then lowered down onto and attached to the chassis on which it will be built.

Type III ambulances from Osage all have a one-piece exterior side panel, as well as a one-piece crowned roof. All of the Type III ambulances also offer an ALS compartment with in and out access, as well as a patient compartment that has a thermostatically controlled temperature management system. They offer locking containers and compartments for the storage of drugs and sharps, as well.

All of the Type III ambulances from Osage Ambulances are built to high quality specifications to meet the needs of all our customers.

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Osage Warranty

  • Three Year / 36,000 Mile Product Conversion
  • Five-Year / 100,000 Mile (Non Pro-rated) Modular Paint
  • Six Year / 72,000 Mile Electrical System
  • Lifetime Modular Body Structure

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