Ambulance Manufacturer Osage Ambulances Announces New Slogan

Ambulance Manufacturer Osage Ambulances

Osage Ambulances is extremely excited to announce our new company slogan: ‘Custom Comes Standard.’ This slogan was recently announced at our 2019 Dealer Meeting. While developing a tagline, it was very important that it closely identify not only with the product Osage manufacturers but also with the overall customer experience. When we state ‘Custom,’ we also mean the special way our employees, our dealers, and any individuals who connect with Osage are treated. 

Osage continues to separate ourselves in the ambulance building industry as a premier custom builder while many of our competitors move towards a mass-assembly operation. The fabrication capabilities of our Type I, Type III, and Critical Care Units has really grown over the past few years and our Ford Transit product is the most personalized Type II available in the United States. Modifications to fit each EMS or Fire service’s individual needs, equipment, and operation has become our sole focus when engineering trucks. As an ambulance manufacturer, our willingness to listen to our customers and collaborate on their design ideas is a rare quality in today’s ambulance environment, and we wanted to ensure our slogan going forward reinforced this quality.

Beyond the ‘Custom’ part of ambulance building, our customers and partners can expect the same characteristics each day that have driven business for Osage for over 35 years. RESPECT Comes Standard, QUALITY Comes Standard, CUSTOM Comes Standard.