Front Axle Suspensions for Ambulances from LiquidSpring™

Front axle suspensions for ambulances are now available from LiquidSpring™ and can be integrated with LiquidSpring’s CLASS rear drive axle suspensions. As a custom ambulance manufacturer, we know that looks, comfort, and functionality are all of importance. LiquidSpring™ takes comfort to a whole new level with their front axle suspension. Front axle suspensions for ambulances provide additional benefits that include reduced road vibration and less driver fatigue. Variable stiffness and damping are adjusted automatically and instantaneously based on road conditions and without driver intervention.

This is a great option to add to your custom ambulance to enhance patient comfort. The front axle suspension is currently available for the F450/550 and Ram 4500/5500. Osage first installed this option on both a Ford and Ram chassis in December 2019. Contact your local Osage dealer for more information (see our dealer map here!).