Insider’s Guide to The Osage Experience: What to expect when you work with Osage Ambulances

Selecting a custom ambulance manufacturer is an important choice, so it’s best to learn all you can about the process and the people you will trust with your new truck. We pride ourselves on what our customers and dealers have coined “The Osage Experience,” and we’re all about being as transparent as possible about what that really means.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Osage Ambulances.



To start off, client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize making ourselves easily accessible to our dealers and customers, always. When you call Osage, you won’t get stuck in an endless phone tree. When you submit a contact form, it won’t get lost in limbo. If you have questions or want to see how your custom build is coming along, we have boots on the ground to answer your request.

In short, we’re here for you. Whether you’re looking for advice on which cabinets to choose or simply want to confirm your delivery date, you’ll hear from one of our friendly team members every time.

No call centers. No robots. No nonsense.



Every ambulance goes on quite the journey before it’s ready to make itself at home in your garage. And every ambulance manufacturer has a different production process. This is ours.


1. Design & Quoting

You’ll work with your dealer to choose the chassis, configuration, and options that you desire. Then Osage will draft your ambulance plans and your dealer will provide those to you along with a quote for your approval. Want recommendations or have an unconventional idea you would like to see come to life? Let us know! We love a challenge.


2. Manufacturing

Starting with raw materials, we cut pieces using a CNC router. We label each piece with a number unique to your order. This allows us the ability to ship you a new part, should the need ever arise! Once the pieces are cut, they are assembled with Osage custom corner extrusions and are fully welded for a completely seamless body with a lifetime structure warranty!

We hand spray every ambulance with PPG paint in one of our 3 state of the art paint booths. The paint comes with a 5-year, Non-Pro Rated Warranty.

With our in-house graphics department, your options are endless! From design, custom decals to full vinyl wraps, we have you covered.


3. Cabinets & Cushions

We make all wood cabinets to order with cabinet grade birch plywood. Aluminum cabinets are also a wonderful option, they are .125 thick aluminum and are bent, formed & welded in our shop.

Every cushion is hand made and covered in the vinyl of your choice.


4. Install

This is the stage where the inside of your new ambulance starts to come alive! During this phase, we install the insulation along with all the wiring, warning lights, and flooring. This is also the stage where we install the electrical system. Once installation is nearing completion, we perform another quality review to ensure all the options you chose with your dealer are accurate.


5. Detailing & Quality Control

All ambulances are hand washed and inspected before delivery. If we find a dent, it’s marked and sent back to be fixed. Paint imperfection? We flag it and right it. Our detailers go over every inch of your custom ambulance to ensure it’s in mint condition before we even ask you to take a look yourself.



Then comes your turn to inspect your new ambulance. Delivery days are our favorite activity around here. When you come to pick-up your new rig, you also get a full facility tour and as much time as you need to make sure everything is perfect. Spend all day looking over your truck in our show room if you like. Spot something off? We’ll address it on-site. Think of something you want to add? We’ll get right on it.

Of course, we encourage you to take test drives around town, too.

Our goal is that you drive off with 100% satisfaction and confidence in your custom Osage Ambulance.



Whether you’re just starting your new ambulance journey or you’re ready to place and order, we have you covered. Take the next step, today!

Or contact us with any questions! Someone from our team will be in touch to help.