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We deliver many different types and configurations of ambulances all across the country every week.
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Construction: Experience the Osage Difference

As ambulance makers, we know that we are in a position to make a big difference to paramedics and EMTs all over the country. We also know that this can translate into making a life-saving difference for patients who are dealing with emergencies in our ambulances. Over and over at Osage Ambulances, we have asked thousands of paramedics and EMTs why it is that they do what they do. They always tend to give us the same answer, citing compassion and giving back to the community.

Health care professionals set out to positively impact the lives of those that they come in contact with. They want to relieve pain and suffering and find medical solutions to treat symptoms. As ambulance makers, we know that the moments spent taking care of a patient in an ambulance are critical, stressful and essential to the well being of the patient. We understand our role in that process as ambulance manufacturers.

We are always amazed by the ability of paramedics to remain calm, under control and focused during these moments. We also understand that there are days when paramedics and EMTs will see the inside of the ambulance for more hours than they see their own homes. This type of schedule can turn the ambulance into a home away from home, so we place a high value on creating the highest quality ambulances possible. As ambulance manufacturers, we strive to make a difference in every way possible. Whether that’s making the paramedics and EMTs a little bit more comfortable, or creating a design that makes it easier for them to do their work, we want to contribute to the overall well-being.

In delivering the Osage Difference, we promise to treat our clients with the same levels of patience, compassion and respect that they give to everyone they help on a day-in and day-out basis. We offer up our word that we’ll set out to do that every single day on the job as ambulance makers.

That focus is part of the reason that we have a premium construction process, building modules with more room and more features for storing items of great importance. At the end of the day, we’re always looking for more and more feedback from our clients on the job that we’re doing as ambulance makers, so that we can continue to improve our products and make and sell the best ambulances available.

  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 015
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 014
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 013
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 012
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 011
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 010
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 009
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 008
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 007
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 006
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 005
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 004
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 003
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 002
  • 2.osage Ambulances Construction Process 001

Type I

Boasting a larger cab area for more comfort and 4x4 options, Type I ambulances are a popular option among EMS facilities.

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Type II

If you are looking to increase your fuel economy or lower acquisition costs, a Type II may be your ideal ambulance choice.

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Type III

With seven chassis options, flexibility in body design, and various vehicle weight capacities, considering a Type III is advantageous.

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Truck was very well built & was built as ordered. All staff members were very helpful. Would highly recommend your ambulances!

Bryan Cutsinger, Director, Marshall County Ambulance, Benton, KY

We deliver many different types and configurations of ambulances all across the country every week.
Click here to see our complete list.