Medium Duty Ambulance

Medium Duty Ambulances from Osage Industries

The medium duty ambulance is available on two different chassis. It can be purchased on the International chassis and the Freightliner chassis. Despite being labeled a medium duty ambulance, this vehicle can handle a significant amount of weight. The gross vehicle weight rating is more than 19,000 pounds and there is a variety of engine and transmission options. A rating of more than 19,000 pounds is one of the highest weight ratings that we offer in our line of ambulances.

Our medium duty ambulance model options are 168 inches long and 96 inches wide, making for one of the larger modules available on our ambulances. These vehicles also have 46 inches of aisle space, so there is certainly ample room to maneuver inside the patient compartment. In terms of ensuring a smooth ride, our medium duty ambulance models comes with an OEM air suspension system to help to even out bumps in the ride and keep everyone as comfortable as possible.

One of the focuses with the medium duty ambulance, as with all Osage Ambulances products, is on superior build quality. At Osage, we know that the longer our employees stay with us the more knowledgeable they become. A high percentage of Osage Ambulances employees have been with the company for 15 years or more. That is the type of commitment to quality that lends itself to superior ambulances.

Regardless of the specific use of the medium duty ambulance, we know that customers will enjoy a fine product that they can trust to put into service for years to come. We deliver reliability and great craftsmanship in our medium duty ambulances, and they offer a balance between ambulances geared more to transportation services and those designed for extremely tough conditions.